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Mindaways - mindful hideaway cabin rentals in northern Sweden. Hyr stuga med Mindaways konceptet och du får en vistelse full med kreativa och meditativa inslag mitt i Norrlands inspirerande natur. 


MINDAWAY - Mindful hideaways that inspires creativity, mindfulness and recreation. Countryside retreats and rentals made for business teambuilding activities and creative brainstorming - or simply some mindful quality time with yourself or friends & family.

All Mindaways are located in preserved areas surrounded by nature and good energies. At the Equestrian Mindaway Retreat outside of London, you wake up on the British country side next to horses and castles eating organic food and enjoying yoga and mindful activities. The Mindaway Rental Cabins are located in Jämtland, northern Sweden, where tap water tastes like a million dollar and one breath of fresh air has the power to recharge your whole body. The scenery speaks for itself, beautiful all seasons of the year in different ways. Right timing will give you a chance to see the most amazing star-filled skies. If your lucky enough, you might even catch the magical northern lights.  

- By disconnecting from stress and connecting to nature your mind and body can give you experiences out of the ordinary - we recommend that you to keep notes during your stay. Very often useful ideas and inner guidance reaches the surface during your time at Mindaway. - 


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein