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MINDAWAY is a rental and retreat concept made to inspire and boost creativity, mindfulness and recreation for the visitors - and to draw attention to the beautiful but easily forgotten balance of nature. Mindful hideaways are made for business teambuilding activities and creative brainstorming - or simply some mindful quality time with friends or family.

At the Mindaway retreats you’ll be provided with an individually customised daily schedule to make you or your company gain the best from your stay. You will be provided with guided activities for personal growth, first class organic foods and healing get togethers as well as organised personal time. We guarantee you’ll leave us with an inspired spirit weather you’re visiting for a boost in your career or just leisure pleasure. 

The Mindaway rentals are rented from local house owners and the Mindaway concept ensures certain utilities, in- and outdoors, to inspire creativity and mindfulness. At the rentals it’s up to you to create your own stay, but we can guarantee it will be special.  Some of our cabins are embedded in total silence - no mobile reception and no neighbors: you will be fascinated by the way your senses will energize and activate: here, in such environment, your creativity will spark. At the moment we have a several cabins located in beautiful Jämtland in northern Sweden. All the cabins are located in calm surroundings with good energy in the middle of the forrest.

For inquires or if you would like to add your cabin rental to the Mindaway concept please contact us below or at